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Posted in Alternative News Forum Top Posts by CKH888 on November 24, 2010

Alternative News Forum 2009 2010 Post Archive

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CDC, The Swine Flu & Your FEMA Coffin More stats 26,653
Alternative News Forum Home page More stats 25,219
Where Is James Bond When You Need Him? More stats 16,038
[temp construction-stay tuned] More stats 10,622
A Sobering Level of Religious Ignorance & Superstition is Revealed Behind Proponents of Proposition Eight More stats 8,330
“Tiger In the Rough” …Tiger, You Asked For It, Fool. More stats 5,630
The Spiritual Meaning of the Number 333 More stats 5,331
Planned Genocide? Mandatory Vaccinations FEMA Coffins Owned By CDC More stats 3,464
Jesus of Nazareth, The Greatest Prophet of All Time More stats 3,314
2009 Obama News Mashup More stats 3,296
Swine Flu Shots: CONNECT THE DOTS More stats 2,703
Maitreya’s False Signs & Wonders Begin More stats 2,566
“Maitreya’s” TV Interview Was A No Show! The Value of Nothing More stats 2,382
Breaking News from Alternative News Forum More stats 2,363
am-flag More stats 2,354
American Civil Unrest 2010 More stats 2,190
More Excellent 9.12.09 DC March Videos, Photos, Citizen Coverage More stats 2,182
Swine Flu Shots, Squalene, Your Kids: Medical Alert for Parents More stats 2,054
The Trial: Rev. David Manning vs. Barack Obama, Usurper to the White House, Illegal US Citizen More stats 1,864
Military Spies & 2009 Patriot News Mash-up More stats 1,756
Eyes Wide Open Continues More stats 1,633
Is Maitreya the Prophesied Imam Mahdi [Dark Messiah] of Islam? More stats 1,587
Do I Look Like Anybody’s Billboard? More stats 1,577
Bilderberg Meeting: 2009 Greece, Members List: Full News Media Black Out – Re-distribute this list More stats 1,402
BOMBSHELL Video Evidence of Secret Illuminati Corporation More Wealthy Than the Combined Wealth of All Nations on Earth More stats 1,392
2012 Pole Shift, Earth Changes, Freak Weather, Early Warning Signs, Indicators More stats 1,331
Can Implanted Human RFID Chips Be Removed? How Difficult Is it? More stats 1,274
Confused About Maitreya? It’s Time to Begin Asking the Right Spiritual Questions More stats 1,269
FEMA REX 84 Camps More stats 1,212
Swine Flu WHO FEMA CDC Genocide More stats 1,209
“Once in A Blue Moon” Even More Rare on 12.31.2009 More stats 1,196
Swine Flu Truth More stats 1,155
Huge Hole in Earth’s Magnetosphere Threatens Sanity of World population: Not to Worry, Full UFO Disclosure By Obama Should Take Care of That. More stats 1,152
Maitreya: False Signs & Wonders More stats 1,104
The Best of Kathleen Keating: Radio Interviews, Links, Articles More stats 1,062
RFID Chip Battle More stats 981
Truth Researcher Decodes Crop Circle Messages, First Asteroids From Nibiru Debris Field Are Already Arriving in Earth’s Atmosphere More stats 965
Hundredth Monkey: Norway Prepares for 2012 Earth Changes Events More stats 897
Illuminati “Occult Influenced” Music, Media, Ads: 6-333-6 TV Ads Ominous, Not Funny More stats 808
Obama’s Marxist Muslim Roots More stats 787
Digital TV & RFID: FreeingUp Bandwidth the Better to Track You With, My Dear More stats 773
Secret Construction of Underground Tunnels, Cities By World Elites: Video Proof More stats 771
mall-interior More stats 736
What Are the Average Ages of Social Network Users? More stats 676
“Eyes Wide Open” Is A State of Mind More stats 658
How Much Does Haiti Receive from US Aid Efforts? One Penny for Every Dollar Donated More stats 648
Hell on Parade: L.A. Tours of Gangland Offered – For God’s Sake, Why? More stats 639
Taos Hum, Drones, Nano-Drones, Nibiru, 2012, Dulce & NWO More stats 621
Obama Impeachment Groundswell Is Growing More stats 612
How Facebook and the Iphone Will Lead to Human RFID Chipping in Less Than 10 Years: This Will Happen if Americans Don’t Speak Out NOW. More stats 597
National Healthcare ID Cards A Recipe for Eventual RFID Disaster More stats 596
The CIA’s Swine Flu & Your Plastic FEMA Coffin More stats 593
The Spiritual Cowardice of Radical Islam: “They Turn Their Women Into Monsters for the Slightest Offense.” More stats 577
Obama Nation More stats 577
RFID Microchips Everywhere Could Mean Total Loss of Privacy More stats 552
The Most Chilling Video Yet About HAARP Technology (Norway Spiral was Project Blue Beam Test) More stats 540
Free E-Book Downloads from More stats 534
MK Ultra’s [Not So Secret] Relationship With Hollywood & The Darkening of Everyday TV More stats 485
Obamacare’s Hidden Agenda: A “National Health Tracking Number” for Everyone = Mandatory Human RFID Chipping More stats 478
National Opt Out Day for Full Body Scanners is Nov 24th: Make A Statement More stats 464
Genetics, DNA, Human Sexuality: Human Sexual Orientation Has Deep Biological Roots More stats 462
Maitreya “Bright Star” Ad Campaign Fizzles, Even the Norway Spiral Can’t Save it More stats 431
Top Patriot & News Sites More stats 427
Curtis-Skateboard-Stack-IMG_20070209_6605 More stats 426
Kathleen Keating’s Book “Final Warning” Exposed Maitreya’s Fraud 10 Years Ago More stats 421
HAARP Blue Beam & Supriem Rockefeller More stats 421
It Might Be “Fucknutsville” For You Rahm, But For Us It’s Something Else More stats 405
Misspelled Tattoos: A Chronicle of America’s Inked Up Illiteracy More stats 405
white-rose More stats 404
California: Bachelor #1 Begs for His Life – Serial Killer Rodney Alcala Convicted More stats 400
kim_jong_il_team_america1 More stats 390
TigerWoodsChristmasPicture More stats 388
American “Preppers” Are Wisely Taking Stock, & Stocking Up More stats 382
Drones: Project CARET Lab @ Palo Alto CA: Reverse Engineered Alien Technlogy More stats 380
Obama’s Marxist Muslim Black Nationalist Roots More stats 372
87,000? 500,000? How Many Attended the Glenn Beck D.C. Event? Post Your Own Videos as Proof More stats 366
Joe Wilson: Folk Hero or Wingnut? American Patriot Movement Takes Pause More stats 365
James Bond Kills Supriem Rockefeller More stats 359
Tea Party Fanatics Boil Over, Party Gets Badly Burned More stats 358
The Spiritual Meaning of the Number 333 More stats 358
Cops Gone Wild More stats 357
The CIA’s Swine Flu & Your Plastic FEMA Coffin More stats 348
US Financial Collapse: Autumn 2009? More stats 347
East Indian Yogi Proclaims “Maitreya” the Return of Christ to His Followers – Global Apostasy Begins More stats 345
Hello, Beyonce? WTF Is A “Freemason Edit” of Your Music Videos? More stats 335
Antichrist maitreya commercial airing on CNN More stats 334
Did Jesus Predict the Great Earthquakes of Our Age & A Culminating Pole Shift? More stats 333
BP CEO Tony Hayward is an Active Bilderberg Group Member: Is Anyone Surprised? More stats 327
Do You Need To Relocate As Earth Changes Increase? World Map Floods Earthquake Projections 2012-2017 More stats 313
Obama Grants Immunity to Baxter International from Litigation Arising From Swine Flu Shots More stats 313
Is Nibiru aka Planet X Real? Watch For These Government Actions to Take Place As It Gets Closer More stats 312
The Seven Significant Truth Movements of the Early 21st Century More stats 309
Apostasy – World Spiritual Fraud Update: Raj Patel “Maitreya” World Media Cult Forming More stats 305
Jaw Dropping UFO Footage More stats 304
About Chase Kyla Hunter More stats 300
Military Gone Wild More stats 300
More Secret FEMA Meetings More stats 299
Barack Obama’s Secret Past: Tip of the Iceberg Surfaces More stats 294
Did HAARP Technology Cause the Haiti Earthquake? More stats 294
RFID Human Lab Rats Unaware Chips Cause Cancer, Tumors More stats 293
Significant Videos More stats 288
Alligator Farm’s 1st Video Collection More stats 288
John Holdren More stats 287
2012 – 2015 Earth Changes, Catastrophic Coastal Flooding Worldwide – Projections, World Map More stats 279
Maitreya Followers & Researchers Tell of Imminent Maitreya TV Interview More stats 279
Newest Tea Parties Rock! More stats 276
oprah-1 More stats 276
The_Urantia_Book_Foundation_300 More stats 270
Mirror Mirror On The Wall… Who’s Most Evil of Them All? The Top 25 More stats 264
Eyes Wide Open Continues More stats 263
What Did He Know? JD Salinger’s Mysterious Silence Remained Until the End More stats 263
Obamacare More stats 257
Benjamin Creme talks to George Noory and makes him sick! Antichrist = Maitreya More stats 257
Epic Fail: American Atheists Run Billboard Campaigns When Renewed Faith in God is Needed Most More stats 247
Fox News Predicts Obama White House to Implode Within Weeks More stats 247
Cops Gone Wild: Nazi Tactics, Federalized in Secret? More stats 243
AMERICAN SOCIALISM RED ALERT: National Health ID Cards Are A Recipe for RFID Disaster More stats 241
$100 Silver Coming in 2010? Bob Chapman’s Astounding Metals Forecast More stats 241
Rev. James D. Manning: “Obama’s Degree from Columbia Bought Outright By Saudi Financiers. No Proof Obama Ever Attended the School.” More stats 241
Supporting Documentation RE: HAARP & the Haiti Quake: HAARP Records Went Offline Right Before Quake? More stats 239
foal_eagle_1 More stats 234
Why Do the First 10 Frames of Certain “Toy Story 3” TV Ads Have the Phrase “RED HERRING” in Them? More stats 232
American Patriot Movement More stats 231
CA Judge to Hear Obama Forged Birth Certificate Case More stats 229
Superb Video Exposes the REAL Story Behind Swine Flu Hoax More stats 225
mall-interior More stats 222
Is War With Iran Imminent? Christian Opinions & Research on Video More stats 221
Swine Flu Vaccination Alert More stats 217
The Bilderberg Group More stats 214
Emergency Preparedness More stats 211
Black Ops More stats 210
Chaos After Kim Jong Il Dies? North Korean People Living in Poverty, Starvation & Chaos Already More stats 209
Ben Smith on Obama: “He’s Not Meeting the Basic Standard of Manhood” More stats 206
Watching, Listening for False Flag Events More stats 195
Re-posted By Popular Demand: Nibiru Planet X Debris Field Is Already Arriving in Earth’s Atmosphere More stats 195
Is the US Military at War With Their Former Alien Co-Conspirators? More stats 195
Oil + HAARP = Haiti Quake and a US / NWO Occupation More stats 192
Commodities Forecasters Expect Large Spike in Silver Prices in 2010: Is $100 Per Oz. Silver A Possibility? More stats 190
gap-shit More stats 190
Jesus_Christ More stats 185
Prophet & Shaman Chase Hunter Warns: “Advent of the Antichrist” is Beginning More stats 182
Obama Birth Fraud More stats 181
2010 Apostasy Watch: New Age Antichrist Maitreya Will Be Running Advertisements on International & USA TV Networks Soon More stats 180
David Wilcock Discusses Imminent Demise of the Rockefeller Economic Crime Cabal More stats 180
amenmaskbig041809 More stats 179
Jordon Maxwell Interviewed By Project Camelot: Jaw Dropping Expose’ of Hidden Illuminati World Fascist Agenda More stats 179
X-Ident Corporation is Manufacturing RFID Chips in Nazi Swastika Designs: Why? More stats 179
George W: “Obama Not Even Remotely Qualified for the Job of President” More stats 176
Blasphemy on Live TV: Benjamin Creme Denies Jesus Christ in Bill Maher TV Interview May 10th 2010: Maitreya World Deception Commencing More stats 175
tattoo-women More stats 172
Nazi Swastika X-Ident Loyalty Card RFID Chip More stats 172
Jupiter & Venus Brighter Than Usual in Night Skies: Is Nibiru Planet X Getting Closer? More stats 172
David Wilcock Discusses the Norway Spiral – Must See Video More stats 171
Did Ancient Egyptians Really Create Human-Animal Hybirds, Or Does the History Channel Have It All Wrong? More stats 170
Truth Researchers, Alternative News Reporters Vindicated As the FED Finally Admits Hiding Nazis in America After WWII More stats 168
Dossier on Philip Schneider – from the Web Rabbithole More stats 167
$100 Per Oz. Silver in 2010? Many Experts Think So. Are You Buying Silver Bullion Yet? More stats 166
Federal Reserve More stats 164
Is Obama an Anti-christian muslim messiah? More stats 164
Czar Obama More stats 163
Pole Shift Survival Guide Available Online More stats 163
Breaking: Obama Gives Huge Acreage of Arizona Land Back to Mexico: Border Crisis Becomes US Sovereignty Challenge on US Soil More stats 162
The REAL Reasons Behind Cash for Clunkers: FED Wants permanent access to your home computer More stats 162
Nuclear War “Flashpoint” Warning: North Korea Fired Torpedo on March 26th 2010 That Sank A South Korean Ship More stats 160
kim-jong-il-is-old More stats 159
David Manning vs. Obama Presidency: Guilty Verdict is in, Manning Calls for Obama’s Arrest By Members of Congress More stats 157
Significant 2012 Video From Mideast Predicts Nibiru’s Arrival, Catastrophic Earth Changes, Rise of Imam Mahdi’s Reign More stats 148
White House Legislative Insanity: Cass Sunstein Wants to Tax Free Speech Websites More stats 148
pacl-lang-analysis-p119-fullsize[1] More stats 145
Tea Parties More stats 142
Royal Family Media Blitz Another Red Flag for Truth Researchers: Prince Charles, Prince William, Kate Middleton More stats 141
House uncovered in Nazareth dating to the time of Jesus More stats 138
Examining the “Maitreya the Antichrist” Video & Thoughts About Worshipping All the Wrong Men More stats 134
Illuminati Media Elites Terrified of Sarah Palin’s Leadership & Popularity: Local NBC TV Affiliate in Northern California “Whites Out” Sarah Palin Comments at Glenn Beck’s Washington D.C. Event More stats 130
Search Results: 37,700,000 Obama Fraudulent More stats 128
1,000+ US Warships & Aircraft Carriers En Route to the Persian Gulf More stats 128
OPERATION OVERWATCH: Military & FEMA Buildup in Texas, NW Oklahoma – huge military convoys of equipment on hwys More stats 125
How to Remove RFID Chips from Credit Cards, Other Cards More stats 124
Will the REAL Second Coming Occur In Our Lifetimes? Chase Hunter Makes An Astounding Prediction More stats 123
micro-rfidchips More stats 121
Observing the State of Obama’s Mental Health: What’s Wrong? More stats 119
FEDs Are Using Your Cell Phones to Track, Surveil You Without A Warrant: Did You Know? More stats 118
RE: Possible Massachusetts Swine Flu Outbreak: Quarantine or $1000/day fine for refusing vaccine More stats 117
Best Alternative News Websites 2010 More stats 116
What Facebook is Really For, Beyond the Comic Video’s Opinion More stats 115
Is the world ready for disclosure about the alien presence? Disclosure is coming. More stats 114
Another One Bites the Dust, Courtesy of Glenn Beck More stats 112
The Great Depression of the 21st Century: Here’s Why It’s Different This Time More stats 112
The Smelling & Smelling & Smelling of the Obamanation More stats 112
The Current Projected FEDERAL Deficit is 14.3 Trillion Dollars More stats 111
New American Stampedes A Signpost More stats 111
The Woman Who Intimidated the Antichrist More stats 110
Original “Call Global to Awakening” By Chase Kyla Hunter Posted 3.2008 More stats 109
brownshirt-obama More stats 109
Que Paso? I Took the Wrong Plane? Hilarious Protest Sign! More stats 107
My Call for Global Awakening Continues More stats 107
More stats 106
Crop circles, Google Earth, and the logo mystery More stats 106
A Grisly Conclusion to Hoarding: Missing Woman’s Corpse Found Beneath Pile of Collected Rubbish In Her Own Home More stats 106
Catch Fire! Don’t Just Read => Share, Re-post, Educate Your Friends. More stats 104
Art Beauty Music Love Peace More stats 104
Obama Polls More stats 100
The Fight for America’s Farms in Wisconsin: Marti Oakley Reports More stats 100
Raj Patel Maitreya World Apostasy Update: 2010 More stats 100
Why Are German Special Forces Training in the Skies of Memphis Tennessee? More stats 99
Why Do Hugh Hefner’s Eye’s Have Vertically Slit Irises Instead of Round Ones: Anybody? More stats 99
Where Is Planet X? New Free Video Reports By Marshall Masters More stats 95
Surveillance More stats 94
Follow The Money More stats 93
Mississippi Delta earthquake: America’s Haiti waiting to happen? More stats 93
Foreign Troops in California on Martial Law Standby More stats 93
Patriots: How NOT to Blog & How NOT to Get Sent to Jail More stats 92
guns-lady-independence More stats 92
Details on the Jane Burgermeister Lawsuit More stats 91
Kathleen Keating Identified the Antichrist 10 Years Ago in This Radio Interview 8-6-2000 Part 1 More stats 91
Gold No Longer A Safe Haven From Falling Dollar? More stats 90
tiger-woods-baby-101 More stats 90
Top Ten Videos From Dec 09 More stats 90
Bombshell: Michelle Obama on Video: “Obama Is Kenyan” More stats 90
US Dollar in Crisis? Russia, China Press for A New World Currency More stats 89
North Georgia Fema Camp Coffins Investigated More stats 89
tattoo-monster More stats 88
Cults: Scientology Exposed More stats 88
Bernanke Admits Printing 1.3 Trillions Dollars Out of Thin Air More stats 88
solomonstemple0517091 More stats 86
5 Warning Signs of the Imam Mahdi’s Rise (Christian Antichrist): Muslim Messiah coming to town? 1-3 More stats 86
Kate Middleton “Just Lower Than Middle Class” – What Royal Watchers Really Think More stats 86
Boycott Hollywood: Here’s Why More stats 86
pgeon More stats 84
Citizen Journalist Video of the Month: By More stats 83
Actuality Check: Top Twenty Posts on ANF Since 2009 More stats 83
Shadowfax Report Impeach Obama Petition More stats 83
Obama Supporters Squirm Over Implicit Truth in Joker Poster More stats 82
Swine Flu: Connecting the Dots More stats 82
RFID Human Lab Rats More stats 82
Katie Couric’s Epic Fail: Promoting Human RFID Chipping to the Masses More stats 81



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